Team Leadership Distilled
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Team Leadership Distilled

Tuesday Oct 1
09:00 –
5,500.00 DKK

You've been given the responsibility to lead the team, but what does it actually entail? Let's explore! At some point, lead or senior developers face the challenge of not only setting the technical direction but also bearing the responsibility of leading human beings in a team. You've likely built your career on understanding the complexity of software systems; now you need to navigate something even more intricate: the dynamics of human interactions. What do you do? Well, here's the help you need!

In this one-day workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of team leadership. You will gain insights into team dynamics, psychological safety, self-organisation, and synergy, and you will return home with specific tools and approaches to apply in your daily work.

A team is not merely a collection of individuals working in the same environment. You will learn about dysfunctions within a team and how to address them, overcoming conflicts and resistance, as well as coaching your team members to new heights of excellence.

The masterclass is highly interactive, without any dreary PowerPoint presentations, and provides you with the opportunity to learn from the trainer, other participants, as well as through your own self-reflections.

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