Applied Clojure for beginners
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Applied Clojure for beginners

Tuesday Oct 1
09:00 –
5,500.00 DKK

Is learning to program with a practical Lisp still on your bucket list? Clojure is an excellent choice - it's fast, stable, portable and easy.

Originally released in 2007, as a passion project, by Rich Hickey, Clojure has since become the poster child for esoteric languages that have achieved mainstream commercial success — culminating in the IPO of Nubank in 2021, a bank built entirely on Clojure that currently serves over 90 million people in Latin America alone.

The power of Clojure has given rise to many companies that have grown up alongside the language itself, including JUXT, a UK-based software consultancy. Join JUXT's CEO Jon Pither and his colleague Jeremy Taylor for an all-day workshop on learning Clojure.

The workshop is suitable for anyone with basic programming experience, just bring a laptop along with Visual Studio Code to discover the magic and joy of Clojure. No JVM or Java is required.

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