2 Days: Team Topologies Masterclass
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

2 Days: Team Topologies Masterclass

Monday Sep 30
09:00 –
Tuesday Oct 1
09:00 –
11,000.00 DKK

Based on the book by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow", this masterclass guides attendees through many different aspects of modern organization design for software delivery.

Key aspects covered in this masterclass include:

  • what are the constraints on software architecture and quality imposed by Conway’s Law and how we can turn these into a strategic advantage
  • what are the implications and benefits of taking a team-first approach to organization design, rather than a piecemeal approach driven by the latest hype
  • what are the expected capabilities in a cross-functional product or service team to allow for end-to-end ownership and how to balance that with max team size
  • how to choose team topologies to accelerate and sustain safe, high-speed software delivery: stream-aligned, enabling, platform and complex subsystem
  • how to simplify and enhance communication patterns between teams, clarifying each team’s purposes, responsibilities and expected behaviors
  • how to continuously evolve team structures and interactions depending on internal and external stimuli (such as tech adoption or customer feedback)

This 2-days masterclass provides an exercise and discussions-led immersive experience, with a balanced set of lectures, case studies, and exercises in small groups.

Learn directly from Manuel Pais, one of the authors of Team Topologies.

Benefits: Turn the design of your organization into a strategic advantage through the Team Topologies approach of team-first interactions, homomorphic mirroring, and high-fidelity sensing & feedback loops.

Output: Structured, practical techniques for effective organization design based on team-first socio-technical principles, Conway’s Law, well-defined team APIs, and Cybernetic sensing & control.

Audience: This masterclass is for CTO/CIO and other leaders, Head of Department, software architects, systems architects, managers, team leaders and engineers.

Preparation: Attendees should bring a pen or pencil plus details of some software systems familiar to them. No laptops will be used or needed.

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