2 Days: Designing and building event-driven systems
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

2 Days: Designing and building event-driven systems

Monday Sep 30
09:00 –
Tuesday Oct 1
09:00 –
11,000.00 DKK

Master the principles and patterns underpinning event-driven systems, and the methodologies and technologies essential to designing and building them.

Becoming an event-driven practitioner requires:

  • A firm grasp of high-level concepts related to storing and streaming events.
  • The ability to properly analyze your business domain through methods such as Event Modeling, and creating a blueprint for what to build.
  • A technology platform that offers a rich developer framework and key infrastructure components.

Join this one-of-a-kind, intensive 2-day workshop that guides you through the theory, design and implementation of a production-ready event-driven system based on a real-world project (a bike rental service), with hands-on modeling and coding.

At the end of this training, you’ll have gained the requisite insights to embark on your event-driven journey!

You will learn:

  • Why a well-designed domain model is key to tackling software complexity (and avoiding the ”big ball of mud”), and how utilizing Event Modeling as a domain modeling technique helps create a blueprint for implementing an event-driven system.
  • Event Sourcing (and how it differs from Event Streaming), and the business and technical advantages of storing a sequence of events as a single source of truth in your system.
  • The notion of separate command (write) and query (read) models for managing application state.
  • Asynchronous communication via messaging; declaring, sending and handling commands, events and queries; what being ”event-driven” entails.
  • Managing key properties of a (distributed) event-driven system - immutability, eventual consistency and location transparency.
  • Advanced event handling: optimizing query models, triggering external activities and managing transactions via Sagas.
  • Assembling the required developer and infrastructure support - event stores, message routers and more.
  • Testing and deploying an event-driven system.

The AxonIQ stack will be used to implement a complete application; exercises will be available for common programming languages and platforms.

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