Foundations of Secure Software Development
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Foundations of Secure Software Development

Monday Sep 30
09:00 –
5,500.00 DKK

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Session 1: Introduction to Secure Software Engineering

  • Understanding the importance of security in the SDLC
  • Key principles of secure software design
  • The OWASP Top Ten: Overview and real-world impacts

Session 2: Secure Coding Practices

  • Secure coding standards and guidelines
  • Common vulnerabilities in modern web applications
  • Defensive coding techniques to prevent SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF

Session 3: Authentication and Access Control

  • Implementing strong authentication mechanisms
  • Secure session management practices
  • Designing robust access control systems

Session 4: Secure Development Frameworks

  • Leveraging security features in popular frameworks
  • Best practices for secure framework configuration
  • Case studies on framework-specific vulnerabilities

Participants will leave this masterclass with a deep understanding of secure software engineering principles and practical skills to apply them. Each attendee will receive comprehensive course materials.

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