Serverless Java with Spring Boot
GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Serverless Java with Spring Boot

Friday Oct 7
09:00 –
Nordea (Grønjordsvej 10, 2300 CPH)
5,550.00 DKK

Serverless technologies have one clear goal: enabling developers to focus on delivering value while the platform takes care of all the infrastructural concerns. How does Java fit into this space?

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • the main features of serverless architectures;
  • adopting a functional programming paradigm in Java;
  • implementing business logic as functions using Spring Cloud Function;
  • consuming Java functions via HTTP in serverless environments on cloud platforms and Kubernetes;
  • building event-driven Java applications using Spring Cloud Stream;
  • integrating Spring Boot applications with event brokers like RabbitMQ and Kafka;
  • defining unit and integration tests for functions and event-driven applications;
  • processing and streaming data using Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Prerequisites: familiarity with Java and core Spring.