Advanced Debugging Techniques for C/C++/Zig
GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Advanced Debugging Techniques for C/C++/Zig

Thursday Oct 6
09:00 –
Nordea (Grønjordsvej 10, 2300 CPH)
5,550.00 DKK

Learn how to use powerful tools such as Valgrind, GDB, QEMU, and rr. Explore memory watchpoints, reverse-execution, leak checking, thread sanitization, and defensive programming to turn head-scratchers into no-brainers.

Bugs will have nowhere to hide once you master these advanced techniques!


In order to take full advantage of this workshop you’ll need the following things:

  • Basic experience with C, C++, or Zig programming
  • A laptop (WiFi provided by the venue)
  • At least one of these two:
    • An x86_64 Linux distribution that has recent versions of the tools we will be using in its package manager.
    • An SSH client (e.g. PuTTY.exe) so that you can remote access a server that I will provide.