Five Lines of Code
GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Five Lines of Code

Thursday Oct 6
09:00 –
Trifork (Borgergade 24B, 1300 CPH)
5,550.00 DKK

Based on his book "Five Lines of Code" Christian Clausen is teaching refactoring that's focused on concrete rules and getting any method down to five lines or less! There’s no jargon or tricky automated-testing skills required, just easy guidelines and patterns illustrated by detailed code samples.

During the masterclass, we discuss general principles and explore how to put them into practice with lots of hands-on exercises. We work with an object-oriented codebase similar to those found in the industry, and although it is Typescript it is easily understood if you are familiar with Java or C#.

Participants should bring a PC with Typescript installed (guide:

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • The signs of bad code
  • Improving code safely, even when you don’t understand it
  • Balancing optimization and code generality
  • Proper compiler practices
  • The Extract method, Introducing Strategy pattern, and many other refactoring patterns
  • Writing stable code that enables change-by-addition
  • Writing code that needs no comments
  • Real-world practices for great refactoring