Building a cloud native Connected Cars platform
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Tuesday Oct 3
11:40 –
Aud. 10

Building a cloud native Connected Cars platform


Connected Cars is working on an ambitious project to connect 250,000+ car-owners with their vehicles by hooking into the on-board diagnostics available in every modern car.

But how do you actually build a modern platform that can scale to handle hundreds of millions of events each day? And what about tools needed for the development, deployment and debugging?

This talk will cover how we are doing it in Connected Cars and how we have used Google Cloud Platform and a lot of other SaaS solution to accelerate and simplify our development and operations setup.

Most of the offerings we have used are hosted open source components or fairly standardized so you can easily find them neatly wrapped at your favorite cloud provider(AWS, Azure, Redhat, etc.) with a different name.

This means most of our learnings should work across vendors. So come for listen even if you have sold your soul to vendor X as they will most likely be able to help you do the same without the Google logo.