The Self-Service Developer
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Tuesday Oct 3
14:50 –
Aud. 10

The Self-Service Developer


In this talk, Laszlo revisits the primary motivations of why companies adopt container technologies in such a rapid pace and what became possible with the latest innovation in the container and CI/CD ecosystem.

The talk iterates through the building blocks of self-service platforms. Platforms that allow developers to release software without asking for permission, or support from other teams or departments - so managers have fewer constraints to navigate, and instead of helping developers, ops people can focus on building platforms and resiliency into the system.

The "self-service developer" vision is not only achievable by the big tech companies anymore, but increasingly becoming table stakes for every organization that produces software.

During the talk, Laszlo shows a self-service platform in action featuring the latest CI/CD tools and the Kubernetes container orchestrator.