Tuesday Oct 3
10:20 –
Aud. 10

I Told You So! What every developer should know about Enterprise Architecture


There is more to a successful IT project, than a good and solid implementation. Code complete, unit tests are green, servers are spinning, build is churning, team is awesome, milestones delivered on time, and your project gets closed. Or not implemented. Or your team is split and shuffled around to other projects. Understand what other components there are to creating a successful it project, than technology, like right choice of programming language, and green tests.

So what should every developer know about Enterprise Architecture? I want you, as a developer, to understand the difference between a successful technology implementation, and delivering real value to an organisation, understand the difference between building the right thing, and building the thing right.

We will try do an interactive case study, where you as the participant have to stop and think, and make some key decisions, that will save or doom the projects. By investigating the decision points, we will be investigating what tools and methods from the Enterprise Architecture toolbox, can be applied in a given situation. The aim is to empower you, and your team to make the right the decision at the right time.

Get ready for some (inter)action!