Microservices: The Organisational and People Impact
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Tuesday Oct 3
16:10 –
Aud. 10

Microservices: The Organisational and People Impact


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Microservices are where it's at. Everything is easier to manage when it's micro, right? Micro code bases (less than 10 LOC), micro containers (less than 10Mb), and micro teams (less than one person???). 'Micro' things may appear to be easier to manage, but there is always a macro context, and working with people and teams is no exception. This talk presents some of the challenges the OpenCredo team have seen when implementing microservices within a range of organisations, and we'll suggest tricks and techniques to help you manage your 'micro' teams and the 'macro' level.

Topics covered include lessons learned from several microservice projects:

  • Leadership - advice on creating shared understanding, conveying strategy, and developing your team
  • Optimise for feedback - this is vital for rapid progress, and this includes business, architectural and operational feedback
  • Organisational structure - from Zappos' holocracy to MegaOrg's strict hierarchy, from Spotify's squads, chapters and guilds, to BigCorp's command and control, there is a management style for everybody