Tuesday Nov 19
11:30 –
Location: Aud 10

Microservices Patterns with Kafka

Microservice composition or integration is probably the hardest thing in microservices architecture. Unlike conventional centralized ESB based integration, we need to leverage the smart-endpoints and dumb pipes terminology when it comes to integrating microservices.

Microservices composition can be implemented either using active integration(orchestration) or reactive integration (choreography). However reactive integration gives microservices more autonomy than the composition approach. So event broker solutions such as Kafka plays a key role in building such reactive microservices architecture. In this talk we will explore on:

  • Microservice integration patterns
  • Why Kafka for Reactive microservices
  • Event Sourcing
  • CQRS
  • Streams
  • Why we need a hybrid approach of active and reactive integration
event sourcing
Kasun Indrasiri
Author of "Microservices for the Enterprise"
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