Sustainable Event Organization

With each conference we organize, we make the commitment to produce an event with integrity, respect for the environment and a commitment to positive social impact. We’re well aware of the unnecessary waste that comes with large events, so we’re working particularly hard on all the ways we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Here are a few of the ways we’re making the next GOTO Copenhagen more sustainable:

  • All GOTO swag t-shirts and bags are certified by — which guarantees that they are manufactured according to the highest social, ethical and environmental international standards.

  • Sprout plantable pencils are handed out in place of additional swag, which gives attendees the chance to plant beautiful forget-me-nots at their office after using the pencil.

  • Signage is reused as often as possible.

  • Attendees are encouraged to hand in their lanyards at the end of the conference so we can reuse them the following year.

  • Seasonal ingredients are used for dishes served during meals and breaks.

  • If possible, ingredients come from local producers within a radius of 300km from our conference venue, the Bella Center.

  • The Bella Center sets high standards for their catering suppliers with regard to animal welfare and the environment.

  • A large choice of plant-based foods are available with the option for entirely vegetarian or vegan menus.

  • The Bella Center is meticulous about their menu planning to avoid waste, and they partner with local charitable organizations to help distribute donated food leftovers to those in need.

  • You will find biodegradable cutlery (including the packaging) during the lunches.

  • The water fountains have cornstarch cups.

  • Water is provided in jugs rather than bottles, as Danish drinking water is among the best and most environmentally friendly in the world.

If you'd like to contribute ideas that will help us be more sustainable, we'd love to hear from you.