Tuesday Nov 19
15:50 –
Aud 11

How we moved from JIRA to GitHub for fun and profit using Serverless


GitHub and GitLab are great tools and we love them. Pull requests are powerful checkpoints which are used by teams to review and approve changes to code. If you are using GitOps this usually also means a change to an environment deploying the code that is being approved.

Many regulated companies require an additional step to deploy to production, often called a change advisory board (CAB). At this stage other members of the organisation must discuss and review the change. Normally this is done in a ticketing system such as JIRA.

What if we could move this CAB discussion into the original PR and increase clarity and simplicity? This talks, shows how the engineering team at Form3 managed to move this all into the normal GitHub PR process by developing a GitHub application using OpenFaaS serverless functions