Track Microservices
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Microservices - getting real

There exist oceans of articles, blogs and talks about Microservices, but how does one actually build and run a viable Microservice architecture? What does it take to tackle the 3 axis' of evil (The technical, business and operations side) while being in aligning with management on important areas/topics such as deliverable timelines, ROI and project vs product mentality?   On this track we have brought out experts that will share real life experience implementing and supporting distributed systems. We will dive into some of the technical requirements, design criterias and look at some of the advantages and pitfalls…     So if you are looking into moving towards a Microservice Architecture this might be a good place to get answers to some of your questions.

Track Speakers

Clemens Vasters
Gojko Adzic
Neuri Consulting LLP
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