The 2D Kitten Problem
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Tuesday Oct 3
14:50 –
Aud. 12

The 2D Kitten Problem


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"Diversity" is one of those buzzwords that alternates between being supercharged and sadly hollow. While many tech companies like to boast about their diversity programs, the numbers regarding their employees don't change much. But that's no reason to give up on the concept of diversity just yet! However, we need to re-examine what actually constitutes this term in order to make it sustainable: Diversity is more than hiring a few "different" people, it's about empowering oneself and others to create positive change.

This talk will give back some meaning to the term diversity while illustrating why it's still important. There will be some interaction, some tangible examples and more than a few cats to help you through the more challenging parts of theories and self-reflection.