Tuesday Oct 3
16:10 –
Aud. 12

Build the right thing: how to survive the accelerating rate of business change through experimentation


The rate of business change is accelerating. Organisations must learn to build the right things better and faster to survive.

Continuous delivery and lean product management help deliver “better and faster”. But we need practices to ensure the “right things” flow into these processes. Practices that help experiment and innovate with new business models, products and services before technical solutions are commissioned.

This need presents technology departments an opportunity to increase their contribution towards organisational agility. Partnering with business to implement such practices and ensure diverse, cross-functional participation is crucial to ensure building the “right things”.

One approach is to introduce GV design sprints into the demand process. Design sprints are a mix of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science and design thinking. They answer critical business questions, focus on greatest impact first, identify new consumer opportunities and lead to smarter allocation of resources.

In this talk we explore the use of design sprints in an enterprise environment to:

  • Bridge the business-IT divide
  • Build the right thing
  • Increase organisational agility
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