Friday Oct 4
11:25 –
Room 3

Writing Greener Software Even When You Are Stuck On-Prem

There is a real efficiency advantage in high compute density via managed cloud services. Such services, which can share resources between thousands or millions of users, can achieve extremely high hardware and energy utilisation. Because of this, an awful lot of the still rather limited publicly available material on writing software with sustainability in mind emphasises shifting to cloud services. But what happens if you can’t?

In this session Charles will explain why he believes we all need to be focussed on green software. He will offer practical ways to assess where you currently are in terms of your systems, advice for how to improve, and the role code and language efficiency play. Finally, he’ll offer suggestions for how to persuade your leadership that this is all a good idea, and look at some of the tools and resources that are available to help you get to grips with this rapidly evolving and fascinating area of computing.