X Marks the Spot: Navigating Possible Futures
GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Wednesday Oct 2
13:10 –
Room 1

X Marks the Spot: Navigating Possible Futures

In the keynote, Simon Wardley, the originator of Wardley Maps, takes the audience on a journey through the realm of strategic planning in the modern business landscape. This talk unveils the powerful utility of Wardley Maps in identifying and targeting strategic objectives, akin to finding treasure in the complex world of business.

The discussion begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of Wardley Maps, emphasizing their role in enhancing situational awareness in decision-making. The keynote then delves into real-world applications, demonstrating how these maps have successfully enabled organisations to change the way they work and challenge what they do. We then explore concepts such as gameplay and strategy before examining how to identify that which really matters.

There will be pirates, and possibly kittens.