Wednesday Oct 2
16:30 –
Room 1

Dynamic and Proud

Debates still rage over Objects vs Functions, Microservices Vs Monoliths, but it can feel like the static vs dynamic smackdown has lost momentum.

As a flag-waving Clojurian, I want to show how the Dynamic approach remains the best fit for complex data domains such as Financial Services, drawing on modern case-studies of challenger banks.

I want to show a layered, iterative approach to using schema as code, helps teams to coordinate with less boilerplate code proliferation.

I will then discuss the dynamic approach at the architectural level, showing how in combination with immutability, you can scale up a more powerful and simpler way of building up systems.

This talk will include a summary of my journey from ex-Java TDD finatic, to founding a Clojure Consultancy, to building an immutable, bitemporal, dynamically powered SQL database in XTDB.