Wednesday Oct 2
15:20 –
Room 2

AI-powered software development from the trenches

How can you work effectively with AI as your colleague?

Since March 2023 (the release of GPT4) I've worked almost fulltime with AI-powered software development. Both as a productivity tool, to get work done faster and better, and also as way of building new types of products and features that were previously impossible. In fact, GenAI has completely changed the way I work and the way I look at software development. It feels like I've gained superpowers, but I've had to unlearn and change habits that I've built up over 30 years.

Coding with AI is a very different way of working. And like any other skill, you kind of suck at it at first but improve with practice. The transition to this strange new world can be jarring, but it is unavoidable. Being a developer in 2024 and not coding with AI is the equivalent of being 2022 and manually writing machine code or manually creating punched cards.

In this talk I'll share practical experiences from AI-powered software development - tips, tricks, and pitfalls - using mostly live demos. These techniques will reduce your time from Idea to Working Code, which is a nice feeling 🙂

artificial intelligence (AI)