Malte Foegen
wibas GmbH
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Malte Foegen worked for many years in the IT industry. He worked for 5 years with IBM. He was responsible for a large change management program within IBM. After his IBM career, Malte Foegen joined wibas. He is now one of the board members of wibas and Chief Operations Officer.

Within wibas, Malte Foegen works since many years as a Product Owner.

wibas is a consultancy that focuses on implementing modern work practices like Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean with its customers, using a unique combination of agile management and organizational change management techniques.

Malte Foegen usually works with the management level to address the cultural shifts when an organization is adopting Scrum and Large Scale Scrum / Scaled Agile & Lean.

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