Monday Nov 8
16:10 –
Cinema 1 (First floor)

An Average Working Day on Visionary NASA Projects


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Kenneth is a Forbes Magazine '30 Under 30 Science' honoroee and has been working on NASA satellites since the age of 16. In his talk, he'll tell you how he got to the point of flinging complex metal objects into the dark sky.

He's completed everything from radiation testing to full-scale integration and is known for delivering thoughtful and dynamic leadership on programs of critical national and international importance.

12 years and 6 missions into his time at NASA, Kenneth is here to share what skills he still uses from his early education, what the future of engineering will look like and how you can empower the future generation of explorers.

Join Kenneth for a powerful presentation that will leave you anxious to not only advance your career but to look for the next great explorer you can influence.