Wednesday Nov 10
16:10 –
Cinema 2 (First floor)

Continuous Delivery Pipelines: How to Build Better SW Faster


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Dave Farley is a thought leader in the field of continuous delivery, DevOps and software development in general, who's sessions share pure wisdom of continuous delivery from a long life in software development.

He understands that “ways of working” means everything.

Deployment Pipelines are central to a Continuous Delivery approach. They represent an organising principle for the automation of large parts of our development and deliver process. We optimise for fast, clear feedback to help sustain a development team’s ability to make progress with high confidence. Like many ideas that become well know though, they are often misinterpreted. A Deployment Pipeline is much more than your build script, its more specific than that, It is much more than an automated deployment tool. A Deployment Pipeline is the definitive statement on the releasability of your software. Dave Farley invented the idea of ‘Deployment Pipelines’ so come along and hear what he has to say on what should, and what should not be in your Deployment Pipeline if you want to create better software faster.