Wednesday Nov 10
12:00 –
Cinema 1 (First floor)

Drinking a River of IoT Data with Akka.NET


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No prior Akka.NET knowledge is required for this talk.

Draw from Hannes's extensive experience in .NET to learn how you can make scaling smart devices much easier using Akka.NET.

You cannot develop a device any more without it connecting to something. These ‘smart’ devices all have one thing in common: they generate a never-ending stream of data. If you want to process all that data for 100, 1000 or 10000 devices, you can probably get by with a very simple web stack. But as soon as you want to scale to 1000000 or more devices, you are going to need a better strategy.

Scaling software is always tricky. We have all been through this. You load balance your web farm only to find out that your database is a bottleneck. Or to find out you need to synchronize caches across your farm, etc. State is always going to be what is getting in your way. Akka.NET and its implementation of the actor model makes scaling a bit easier. Developing stateful, concurrent code becomes a breeze. And on top of that, scaling and resiliency are also more straightforward to do. But there are pitfalls as well. There is no free lunch!