Monday Nov 18
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New Huawei Ecosystem defines the future



New Huawei Ecosystem defines the future - Who are we with Jacky Zhao.

Huawei is one of the biggest consumer electronics vendor in the world, which serving 170 countries, 1/3 population. That’s because Huawei keeps high ratio of R&D (research and development) investment, along with fast growth in sales revenue every year, which makes Huawei become the innovation leader of consumer electronics. In Nordic countries, Huawei established two R&D centers in Sweden and Finland, and launched full range of Huawei products in the market. In this year, based on the growth of business, Huawei brings the long term strategy of 1 + 8 + N seamless AI life to make innovation again, in order to provide consumers with full scenario and full connection smart life.

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New Huawei Ecosystem defines the future – Building all-scenario and intelligent Ecosystem

Users spend an average of 3.8 hours in their device. Huawei Mobile Services mission is to be sure we offer to users the best trustworthy, device centric inter- connected mobile services ecosystem. Huawei Mobile Services is about engagement with users within our different quality services. Together with a fully open ecosystem, Huawei offer to partners a serious commitment in terms of support , marketing and grow $1 Billion fund, to help them to join our HMS ecosystem.

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