Monday Nov 18
14:40 –
Aud 10

Seamless AI Life

14.40pm - 15.00pm

Seamless AI Life – Evolution of Content and Services Distribution via HUAWEI Ability Gallery with Witold Tabaka

HUAWEI Ability Gallery is a service distribution platform that accurately identify user intents through keyword, image, time or location. For instance a user will get a flight reminder 12 hours before boarding. An Ability is a standalone service that can satisfy the user’s intent. It delivers a specific content or services directly to users.

By creating “Abilities”, developers’ services are accessible throughout the entire HUAWEI ecosystem to over 500 million users in more than 170 countries. This way, developers can give their users easy access to their innovative services directly. HUAWEI Ability Gallery will deliver the right service at the right time to the user through a quicker and more convenient user experience.

15.00pm - 15.05pm Q&A

15.05pm - 15.25pm

Seamless AI Life – Make your app smarter with Francesco Romano

Today, most artificial intelligence services have to send your data to the Cloud in order to perform the analysis. With specific chipset capabilities, calculations can be done directly on the phone and this guarantees the privacy protection that a lot of different use cases need. Furthermore, AI apps tend to be real-time and mission-critical, any AI-use cases that enhance an experience can’t afford latency. With on-device computation you can improve the performance of your app and resolve privacy and cost related issues.

In this session, Francesco will show you how to use HiAI: a mobile computing platforms that make the developers able to run artificial intelligence algorithms on device.

15.25pm - 15.30pm Q&A