Tuesday Nov 20
14:00 –

Wetware Intelligence

As ambitions to create newer and faster supercomputers grow, so do the challenges. Increasing computational power comes with demands of scale, stability, and accessibility. In his keynote, Osh, CEO and Founder of Koniku, will tell us how they are working to solve this by harnessing the power of biological neurons to create the next generation supercomputers .

"Real" neurons are connected, not just to each other but to silicon chips. At first those chips are being used in devices that sense airborne chemicals. Other possible applications await the technology in industries from drug development to agriculture. A successful brain-machine connection will help us study and treat neurological diseases.

The greatest ambition of them all is to create wetware artificial intelligence. Wetware is no longer science-fiction. Combining biology and machine lets us perform tasks that neither one of the two could ever do alone.

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