Monday Nov 19
17:40 –

Principles of Play 2.0


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Magic has entered our world. It's in our pockets, anticipating our needs, thin and glossy and foreign. But it’s not the magic wand of Harry Potter – it’s our technology, the computers, phones and gadget that increasingly run our worlds.

We want to prepare our children for this brave new world where every problem is a computer problem - make them ready to engage, influence and built this world to be beautiful, better and maybe a bit whimsical.

Linda Liukas has researched the overlap between programming and play: how to create experiences that go deeper than just learning logic. This talk summarises Linda’s three principles of play and a few experiments she has learned with little Ruby and the journey she has had as a children's books author.

But how can we, as (mostly) adult developers, also approach new challenges and technologies with the same creativity, playfulness and curiosity as those kids? Linda will share how these learnings from working with the next generation of programmers can help the current ones approach new challenges with similar joy and wonder.

brave new world
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humanity in tech