Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Sunday Oct 1
11:40 –
Aud. 15

Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything


During this talk Soeren Brogaard will share how lean startup thinking at Trackunit (a Danish tech company focused on Industrial IOT within Construction equipment) changes the company and teams in all aspects of the business model.

In many ways the lean startup movement is roughly where the big data movement was five years ago—consisting mainly of a buzzword that’s not yet widely understood, whose implications companies are just beginning to grasp. During this talk Soeren will share his learnings on turning the conventional wisdom about entrepreneurship and new concept development on its head and how Trackunit is working to improve their chances of success by following its principles of failing fast and continually learning. The talk finally addresses the challenges that not just Trackunit but also other companies and teams will be confronted with when implementing the method AND ideas on how to overcome them.