Continuous Delivery Training Course: Theory, Technology and Practice (2 days)
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Continuous Delivery Training Course: Theory, Technology and Practice (2 days)

Wednesday Oct 4
09:00 –
Thursday Oct 5
Nykredit 1

Continuous Delivery is a complex, holistic approach to software development and has a significant impact on the way in which organisations operate. This approach demands a broad range of skills and techniques.

This course is designed to introduce, and explore a deeper understanding of, these ideas and techniques. It is primarily aimed at “Change Agents” within organisations, Leaders, Lead Developers, Lead Architects and so on.

More specifically this course will give you the tools to help your company become a 'Learning Organisation'. Increase efficiency and quality, and reduce risk in your software development process. Our training can teach the techniques that will allow you to increase user satisfaction and make your organisation more innovative.

We do this by teaching an approach that will allow your company to become more experimental and capable of reacting quickly and efficiently to change and allowing your software development process to become a tool that enables this flexibility rather than an impediment to it.

Our course content is intentionally designed to be tailored to meet the specific needs of our attendees. This course is modular and so, very flexible.

Day 1:

Concentrates on Continuous Delivery fundamentals. You will learn:

Why CD is taking the software development industry by storm. Why it works. The Fundamental Importance of Cycle-Time and experimentation. Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline. Working iteratively and maintaining flow.

Day 2:

Is tailored to the needs of the attendees. You will pick from a range of course modules which include:

Planning for Continuous Delivery. Deployment Strategies. Effective Acceptance Testing. Effective TDD. Cycle-Time as a tool for change. Strategies for Changing Culture. Experiments in Production. The Learning Team. Iterative Design Techniques - How to Build Complex Systems Iteratively. Effective Story Writing. Team Ethics - Being a Good Citizen in a CD Environment. Minimum Viable Product. Information Radiators. and more.

Modules are a mix of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions.

Our modules range from introductory to expert-level and from senior-management level, to in-depth technical detail.