DDD, Big Data & Antifragility with Microservices
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

DDD, Big Data & Antifragility with Microservices

Wednesday Oct 4
09:00 –
Room 18

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In this workshop Russ Miles will demonstrate and implement the DDD patterns that are applicable to building great microservice-based systems. Pulling from Simplicity Itself’s years of experience building this style of systems, this workshop will share the deep technical skills that help make your microservices adoption a success.

You will learn how to:

Design a monolith ready for micro services. Apply patterns such as Bounded Contexts, Events and Event Sourcing to be flexible enough to embrace Microservices at the right point for your application. How to build fast data flows and integrate with big data tasks from your microservices. Deploy, Upgrade, Stress and Manage your microservices so that they are ready for production Program