Tuesday Oct 3
10:50 –
Cinema 1 (First floor)

Sonic Pi - How to Live Code an Orchestra

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Sonic Pi is a free code-based music creation and performance tool that targets both education and professional musicians. It is possible for beginners to code fresh beats, driving bass lines and shimmering synth riffs. All this whilst teaching core computer science concepts such as sequencing, functions, variables, loops, data structures and algorithms. This talk will briefly introduce Sonic Pi before taking a deep technical nose-dive into some of the interesting requirements of live coding systems. We’ll touch on concurrency, distributed programming, temporal logic, deterministic randomisation, event streams, hot swapping code and domain specific languages.

Finally we’ll take a sneak peak of the future of Sonic Pi with a world’s first live demo of the new experimental tech which can turn any browser into a live coded synth. Expect plenty of live code, live demonstrations, noise and psychedelic imagery!

programming languages
teaching children
Sonic Pi