Tuesday Oct 3
17:00 –
Charlottehaven (Hjørringgade 12C, 2100 CPH)

Trends From the World’s Largest Digital Economy

With more than one billion internet users China is the largest digital economy in the world, and trends in China are often 3-5 years ahead of Europe and the US.

In this keynote you will get a up to date perspective on the China factor in digital technologies and learn about the most important trends so you can stay ahead of the innovation curve. Including the latest developments in AI and the groundwork of the new infrastructure for an era of data powered economy.

Tonight's program

  • 16:30 Welcome drinks at Charlottehaven with lounge music
  • 17:00 'Trends From the World’s Largest Digital Economy' by Christina Boutrup
  • 18:00 Buffet opens
  • 19:30 'Tracers in the Dark' by Andy Greenberg
  • 20:30 DJ takes over, games and drinks
  • 22:00 Thanks for today
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