Tuesday Oct 4
13:50 –
Cinema 2 (First floor)

Serverlesspresso: Building a Scalable, Event-Driven Application


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Serverlesspresso is a contactless, serverless order management system for a physical coffee bar. Come and visit Serverlespresso at GOTO Copenhagen to get your free coffee!

The architecture comprises several serverless apps that support an ordering process from a customer’s smartphone to a real espresso bar. Customers can check the virtual line, place an order, and receive a notification when their drink is ready for pickup. The entire application uses event driven architecture built using serverless technology. This session is a deep dive into how Serverlesspresso works and how it was built from the ground up.

Julian will cover the architectural choices made and the decisions behind the services used. He talks about the development process and share some of the roadblocks and solutions that were discovered during the process. After this session, you will have a deeper understanding of event driven architecture to build your own application, and you'll see how you can use serverless technologies to run scalable production applications at low cost.