Tuesday Nov 9
16:10 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

Lowering the Barriers to Entry for Kubernetes


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The Kubernetes eco-system is quickly becoming the de facto way to run applications. The toolbox is chock-full of tools that can be hard to let go off once you’ve tried them.

Large-scale Kubernetes deployments in the cloud or on-premises can be a daunting task to set up. Sometimes you can’t justify the cost of a managed Kubernetes cluster because the project is still in its infancy? What if you don’t need a highly-available multi-node cluster? Should you go back to running Docker containers on a simple VM?

In this talk we will look at how single-node Kubernetes clusters using K3s can be a way to lower the barrier of entry for Kubernetes, while still getting the benefits of GitOps, rolling deployments, and mature monitoring solutions . We’ll also discuss next steps if you outgrow your single-node cluster.

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