Wednesday Nov 10
10:50 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

After 20 Years of Agile - Will Mindful Become the New Agile?


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Markus guides people in companies to create better products and services by helping them learn and change more quickly.

Agile is the organization's answer to complexity, mindfulness is your personal answer!

Agile is a huge success story. Originating in IT, agile has now become a movement that is transforming entire organizations.

Mindfulness will have a similar impact on the way we work in the coming years. In recent years, a modern mindfulness practice has emerged that allows you to train exactly the individual skills it takes to work well and live contently in a complex environment.

In this interactive talk, Mark will show what constitutes a modern mindfulness practice, how mindfulness and agile complement each other, and why he believes that the same success factors will take effect in spreading mindfulness as in spreading agile.