A TypeScript Fan's KotlinJS Adventures
GOTO Copenhagen 2021

Tuesday Nov 9
10:50 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

A TypeScript Fan's KotlinJS Adventures


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In this talk, the dynamic duo will go out of their comfort zone and recreate a Breakout clone for the browser using KotlinJS.

At Instil Software they standardize on Kotlin for server-side development. Within the training team, they offer a Kotlin native workshop, for which Garth and Eamonn wrote a Kotlin native version of the classic game Breakout.

Being massive TypeScript fans, it would always be their language of choice when working on JavaScript platforms. They didn't feel the drive to switch to other languages that transpile to JS such as Fable (F#), Scala.js, or even KotlinJS, as they always saw Kotlin on the JVM as the solution to a problem, the problem being Java.

They will make use of React, Redux and use React Three Fiber for WebGL graphics. Moreover, they will explore what this transition to KotlinJS is like for a TypeScript fanboy and try to answer some questions along the way.

You'll learn how the tooling, libraries and language features compare, what things tripped up and whether you should switch and use it on your next project