Serverless Beyond the Hype
GOTO Copenhagen 2018

Monday Nov 19
10:20 –
Aud 11

Serverless Beyond the Hype


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This talk from the creator of OpenFaaS and CNCF Serverless workgroup member Alex Ellis explores what hype actually means for our industry and why it matters so much for serverless right now. You’ll learn why ThoughtWorks says multi-cloud portability is best achieved through containers and learn more about how the industry is shifting towards Kubernetes for container management.

Alex will then explore the current landscape of Serverless with Containers and compare three of the most popular Serverless frameworks for Kubernetes. He’ll then explore two real-world use-cases before going on to give interactive demos including one where you’ll get live access to his bank account through functions.

OpenFaaS started in 2016 and was recently trending as the top open-source project on GitHub, won Best Cloud Computing Software from InfoWorld for two years running and has a thriving community with 150 contributors, 3k commits and over 14k stars with more and more businesses taking it into production every month.

Come and find out how and why people are leveraging an event-driven architecture along with some cool interactive demos.