Monday Oct 2
10:20 –
Aud. 10

Transforming Legacy Applications in the Enterprise: Société Générale's Story


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Share the continuity of Société Générale's journey with Docker Enterprise from different points of view, from executives to devops, with CD platform as an enabler. Creating a Dockerfile that runs a container on a developer's laptop is pretty straightforward. But extending that to stacks of containers running on a dozen environments (development, integration, testing, staging, production, etc.) with different configuration and topologies can be a challenge. This talk will cover aspects of our journey to Docker Enterprise:

  • What configuration should go in an image?
  • Where to put different types of configuration? Images, environment variables, entrypoint, ...?
  • How to store assets for building images and configuration for deployment in version control.

We will discuss how Société Générale has implemented these, and what we plan next for Docker Enterprise deployment.

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