Sunday Oct 1
16:10 –

Effective Testing with API Simulation and (Micro)Service Virtualisation


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As we work more with distributed systems, microservices and legacy services, we introduce a web of inter-service dependencies that cause us to face many challenges across our development and deployment pipeline. Resource consumption, deployment time, our testing feedback cycle, third party service flakiness and costing can cause problems. This talk addresses these issues by demonstrating how the technique of ‘API Simulation’ (modern service virtualisation) can be used to overcome these issues. We’ll introduce the theory and practice, and use an open source tool named Hoverfly to easily produce and run third party services throughout your stack – from producing test environments, to unit testing, and to being used with custom middleware in staging environments. Come and learn about (micro)service virtualisation in the 21st century, and leave the session with practical techniques to improve your application testing.

software testing
service virtualisation