Tuesday Oct 3
16:10 –

Emotion AI: A New Frontier


As human-machine interfaces become more prevalent in both home and work arenas, and our interactions with technology become more relational and conversational, it is imperative that we create machines that have a deep understanding of the user's intent. Emotions, through audio and visual cues, can enhance that understanding and lead to more relevant and personalized interactions. Emotion AI -- the intersection of human emotion analysis and artificial intelligence -- can provide the necessary information for machines to both learn and process these cues. The result transforms our interactions with apps and digital experience from clinical ones to empathetic ones.

This is the promise of Emotion AI: machines that can learn, anticipate, and react to our emotions. It’s a technology that not only changes the way our devices see us, but how we see them. From social robots and autonomous cars, to education systems and healthcare chatbots, the convergence of human emotions and artificial intelligence is ushering a new level of computer interaction and paving the way for the Emotion AI economy.

This presentation will explain: (1) how Emotion AI works, (2) how developers can integrate Emotion AI into the apps, devices, AI systems and digital experiences they are building, and (3) how Emotion AI is applied in real world solutions today. This will be demonstrated through live demos and many examples and uses cases covering a variety of verticals including healthcare, education, automotive, robotics, gaming and advertising.

human computer interaction
artificial intelligence (AI)