Automating for Acceleration with Atomist
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Monday Oct 2
16:10 –
Aud. 11

Automating for Acceleration with Atomist

Software Development is a thousand tasks. Can we save ourselves from some of the annoying ones?

In this demo, Jessica and Russ get frustrated with some interrupting tasks, and refuse to do them.

Build failed for some trivial reason? Let a bot fix it!

Tests breakages in one project after updates in another? Let a bot find them! Don’t bother me until there’s a real decision to make.

If you write bash scripts, you already have automations. Take these and make something the whole team can benefit from, a service that you provide but don’t perform. From a trivial tslint to spectacular chaos experiments, automation can be fun for you and generative for your team.

Work with existing repos and build systems, listen to specific events across the development flow, and cast the high magic of development automation: coding across multiple repos in one movement. We want to hear what you would do with these powers.

The Rock Star Developer is DEAD -- Long live the Rock Band Development Team through team automation.