Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale
GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Monday Oct 2
11:40 –

Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale


Everyone is talking about Microservices and there is more confusion than ever about what the promise of Microservices really means—and how to deliver on it. To address this situation, we will explore Microservices from first principles—distilling their essence and putting them in their true context: Distributed Systems.

Distributed Systems is very hard and we—system developers—have been spoiled by centralized servers for too long. Slicing an existing system into various REST services and wiring them back together again with synchronous protocols and traditional enterprise tools—designed for Monolithic architectures—will set us up for failure.

As if that wasn’t enough, we can’t only think about systems of Microservices. In order to make each Microservice scalable and resilient in and of itself, we have to design each Microservice as a Distributed System—a «Microsystem»—architected from the ground up using the Reactive principles and Events-first Domain Driven Design.

In this talk I’ll walk you through the evolution of such a system, discussing what you need to know in order to design a Scalable Microservices Architecture.