Mark Rickmeier
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Mark Rickmeier is the Chief Executive Officer TXI, a digital product innovation firm that specializes in UX research, design, and custom software development. Over the past 20 years, he has created more than 100 mobile apps, custom-built web applications, and intuitive user experiences. And in 2023, celebrated the firm's 20th anniversary by making it 100% employee owned.

In 2014, he founded the Kermit Collective, a global community of 35 software consulting companies who are all competitors, but come together to share insights and swap ideas on how to effectively run a consulting organization.

In 2017, he founded “Walkshop” as a multi-day hiking + leadership development experience for executives, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. These long distance hikes around the world help to generate new ideas and industry connections as leaders think on their feet.

He is the author of the Sticky Note Game, the creator of the Inclusion Meeting Cards, the Business Innovation chair for Forbes executive council, and the Company Culture chair for Fast Company's executive board.

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