Thomas Vitale
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Thomas Vitale is a software engineer and architect focused on building cloud native, resilient, and secure applications and platforms. He works at Systematic (Denmark), is a CNCF Ambassador, Oracle ACE Pro, and the author of the “Cloud Native Spring in Action” book.

Some of his main interests and focus areas are Java, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Generative AI, and cloud native technologies in general. Thomas likes contributing to open source projects in the Java and cloud native space (Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Spring AI, LangChain4j, Carvel, Buildpacks, OWASP CycloneDX), and sharing knowledge with the community.

Thomas has an MSc in Computer Engineering, specializing in software from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). He is a CNCF Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development, and Pivotal Certified Spring Professional.

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