Russ Olsen
Speaker at GOTO Copenhagen 2024

Russ Olsen has been on a career long quest to find a better programming language and was an early adopter of Clojure, Ruby, Java and Python.

Building software for the last 35 years Russ was a part of the software business before it was even called software business. Russ has had his hands on everything from engineering document management systems to database query engines. With the headline "Technology As If People Mattered" Russ wants to focus on dedicated people and hard work instead of calling it resources and levels. Features and bug fixes in his world are time saved and frustrations eliminated

Russ is the author of "Getting Clojure" as well as two books on Ruby, Design Patterns in Ruby and Eloquent Ruby. Russ is a constant if sometimes reluctant conference speaker.

Check out some of Russ’ past talks:

Talks at GOTO Copenhagen 2024