Tuesday Oct 3
12:00 –
Cinema 2 (First floor)

The State of Application Security 2023: Learnings from 4 million scanned services

The digital security environment is always evolving, with fresh vulnerabilities surfacing, outdated software being phased out, and shifting security guidelines. Heyhack has conducted extensive global scans, assessing countless vulnerabilities. This discussion presents key vulnerabilities and delves into the actual data Heyhack has gathered worldwide. The aim is to heighten awareness and offer concrete examples of the most prevalent cyber risks today.

The foundation for this discussion is grounded in Heyhack's comprehensive study on 4 million public-facing web services across the globe. This extensive research not only highlights the scale of their investigation but also underscores the significance of the vulnerabilities they've uncovered. This vast dataset offers a detailed snapshot of the current online security landscape, and it serves as a pivotal reference throughout the talk.