Tuesday Oct 3
10:50 –
Cinema 3 (First floor)

Driving BEAM Adoption with Phoenix LiveView


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Phoenix LiveView has become the web development framework of choice for BEAM users today. In this talk, you’ll see how the latest features as we approach 1.0 makes it a compelling choice for any web developer today, positioning it to drive BEAM adoption more broadly.

Phoenix LiveView is rapidly becoming the web development framework of choice for programmers who are already convinced of the benefits of The BEAM. But, while LiveView adoption has been impressive for such a new framework, widespread adoption has been out of reach. With LiveView approaching 1.0, the latest developments in the framework make LiveView an even more compelling choice than ever before, so much so that we can expect LiveView adoption to drive BEAM adoption outside of our community.

In this talk, I’ll show you why this is true by outlining LiveView’s key feature set and explaining how it leverages the best that the BEAM has to offer to provide a highly concurrent, fault-tolerance real-time web framework that leaves the door open to widespread adoption not only of LiveView itself, but of the BEAM ecosystem that goes with it.

Web Framework
functional programming
Phoenix LiveView